Tollywood takes a big resolution on the Guidelines to follow during shoots

Thu Jun 17 2021 19:05:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

Given the second wave scare, all the film shootings were halted, which had impacted the release schedules of the film. Months after the suspension, the film's shootings are expected to start soon reportedly.

Following this, the Telugu Film Producers Council chaired a key meeting earlier today and took some decisions on the guidelines that have to be followed on the shooting spot.

According to the reports, the resolution was taken during the meeting that all those who will be part of the shoot should have to receive at least one dose of the vaccine jab to be at the shooting place.

Going by the key resolution taken at the meeting, the Producer Council had asked the  production houses to see that the actors and technicians receive at least one dose of vaccination.

As to bid to see that makers of films that were stalled due to the Covid-19 impact won't suffer further, the artists and technicians were asked to allot more dates to the current projects before moving on to new projects.

On top of that, the production houses were asked to follow the Covid-19 protocols, like wearing face masks and maintaining personal hygiene during the shooting without fail as a precautionary measure.

Reportedly, the resolution taken by the Telugu Film Producers Council was supported by the Director’s Association and assured that the guidelines will be followed during the shooting.