Too Much Negativity On Legendary Hero's Film!

Mon Sep 19 2022 17:52:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

He is a huge star hero who has been in the film industry for more than 35 years. He is one of the most popular names in Indian cinema and he possesses a huge craze among the public even today. His graceful dance moves, ease in action and hard work earned him a lot of fans from different generations.

However, his last film did not perform well at the box office and ended up as a huge disaster. The film was released under massive expectations but disappointed everyone. He is working on a couple of projects right now. One film of his is ready to release in the next couple of weeks. The shooting has been completed and promotional content is also being released. But this movie which happens to be a remake is not getting any positive buzz.

Neither the teaser nor the songs are managing to impress the audience. Moreover, there is a lot of negativity on this project too. No one is able to point the exact reason behind it but the makers are worried about it as the release date is approaching quick and fast. The film has a big star cast including a top actress from South and a superstar from the North playing key roles. Star composer is giving the music but none of this is attracting the viewers.

What is even more shocking is the movie's team not aggressively promoting the film despite such a low buzz. Sources say that the legendary hero himself is not interested in taking part in promotions and started working on his next project. With no one interested including the hero and buyers not willing to spend huge money, the producers are reportedly panicking. We need to wait and see how the legendary hero's film performs at the box office.

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