Too Much Of Negativity On This Star Kid!

Sat Feb 22 2020 16:44:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

People usually have a notion that star kids get settled in the industry without any struggle. But the reality is completely different. Along with the tag, a lot of factors decided if he/she can be successful in the film industry or not.

Proper story selection, hard work, and behavior all play a crucial role in their growth besides family background. There is a star kid in Tollywood who hails from a big family and has a lot of backing. But sources say that there is a lot of negativity around this young lad. Everyone is declaring that he cannot be successful in the industry and are also criticizing his attitude.

This hero had two launches till now and neither of them was successful. After a lot of failed efforts, his entire career is kept in the hands of a star producer. This producer took up the responsibility of settling the youngster in the industry. This producer is known for his judgment and high success rate. Let us see if he gives this star kid his first hit or not.