Top Story: Tollywood Completely Ignores This Friday!

Thu Jan 21 2021 12:54:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

We usually see at least 3-4 films competing every Friday. Especially, January month is expected to be very favorable for Tollywood. But things took a drastic turn after the pandemic. Nobody is looking at Fridays anymore and are happy that their films are finally getting released in theatres. The result of Sankranti releases had brought in some hope for the Telugu film industry.

But everyone was shocked to find out that there are no releases this Friday again. No one expected this as there are zero films coming out on January 22nd. Allari Naresh's 'Bangaru Bullodu' is coming on 23rd but it looks like the hero doesn't have any interest in it. He pinned all his hopes on 'Naandi' as per the insiders. With no promotions, the one or two films coming out this weekend failed to grab the interest of the audience.

Coming to the next Friday which is 29th January, we have anchor Pradeep Machiraju's '30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela?' arriving finally. But there is no hype over this film. Geetha Arts is distributing this film which is expected to release in over 200 screens. Let us see if the trailer which is going to be released by Vijay Devarakonda brings any buzz on this film or not.

Talking about the February first week releases, Prasanth Varma is coming with 'Zombie Reddy'. Teja Sajja who doesn't have an image of his own is the male lead and as of now, there is no great hype on this flick. Gossips suggest that the film may end up as a cost failure as the team spent around 10 crores on this flick which is way too much considering the cast and its market value. Let us see what happens.

Vaisshnav Tej and Krithi Shetty's 'Uppena' is releasing on 5th February. The songs have already created a sensation and the teaser too went viral. There is a talk that the budget went a bit out of hands and the makers are hoping that it becomes a blockbuster like 'Kumari 21F' so that they can bag profits.

Hero Aadi's 'Sashi' is also arriving in February. Sid Sriram's song went into the public and brought a decent buzz. If the film gets a positive talk, Aadi can get the hit he has been waiting for. While Sankranti season witnessed crazy films, the coming few weeks are going to be content-oriented films whose fates depend on the kind of talk they get after release.