Vijay Deverakonda, Samantha, Hrithik, Kiara Advani, And Dulquer Collaborate, But...

Fri Jul 30 2021 15:40:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

Some of the top names in Indian and regional cinema, Hrithik Roshan, Kiara Advani, Samantha, Vijay Deverakonda, and Dulquer Salman have joined hands for an interesting collaboration. But don't come to any conclusions already. This bunch of talented actors is not collaborating for a feature film or a web series, but for a promotional campaign for an online e-commerce platform, Myntra.

Hrithik Roshan started off the whole development by tweeting "Hey @advani_kiara do you think this is good enough?". He also shared a snap of himself in trendy apparel. Kiara Advani was quick to respond and she replied "Not enough, but now it's better Winking face What do you think @TheDeverakonda?". The actress had also edited the image shared by Hrithik and cropped a pose of herself in the same. Vijay Deverakonda took the trend forward as he added "Beautiful :) but not enough, it just needs some Rowdiness. There, set! Do you approve @Samanthaprabhu2?." Vijay further edited the image and he added a picture of himself into the mix.

Samantha carried the development forward with her tweet. "Hahaha. No. Not enough. But I know how to make it better! @dulQuer do you think this will do?." She wrote as she tagged Malayalam superstar Dulquer Salman. The Malayali actor then responded "I know what it needs to make it MORE than enough! @myntra :You obviously agree." This is when everyone got to know that these actors weren't tweeting about any potential collaboration but they were collectively promoting Myntra, an online fashion store.

Rounding off the whole conversation, Myntra tweeted, "@iHrithik @advani_kiara @TheDeverakonda @Samanthaprabhu2 @dulQuer Yes of course this is enough.Hugging face. India's top fashion icons styled by Myntra #IndiasFashionExpert - this is the best of fashion. Why settle for less!."

All these actors then individually tweeted the same message, i.e, "Best of Fashion Indeed! Proud to be part of the @Myntra Style Fam #IndiasFashionExpert #Myntra."

Myntra surely has caught the attention of netizens with their promotional campaign by raking up curiosity as they roped in top stars in Indian cinema for their campaign. This Twitter conversation is now going viral on the platform and understandably so.