Two People Die As A Blast Goes Wrong In Shooting!

Sat Mar 30 2019 21:05:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

Action episodes involve blasts and fire, car accidents, high speed bike riding, long chases and wire work as well. With all such risky work going on, Government ask producers to take prior permission before such shoots.

During a bilingual shoot in Bengaluru, a blast gone horribly wrong and it caused few people to be injured, two people died.

Sameera and Arya died as the blasted remitents hit them. Few more got injured who are getting treatment in a nearby  hospital.

The blast occurred while shooting an action episode in Bhagalur Industrial area for the film, Ranam. It is being shot in two languages - Telugu and Kannada.

Karantaka Fire Services DG said that the team did not take prior permission for the blast and this claim from him made it even hard for the team to face the issue.

Leads of the film, Chiranjeevi Sarja, Chetan Ahimsa said that they don't know what happened as they were not shooting on the day at the spot.