US sets an example in tackling Covid-19, maintains a steady decline in cases and casualties

Tue May 11 2021 16:21:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

The superpower nation United States, which faced the wrath of the Covid-19 outbreak during the first wave has made magic in battling the virus and the cases have now come down in the country.

Showing the world, how to take on the deadly virus, the United States has been seeing a decline in fresh Covid-19 cases. Compared to the two previous weeks, the US saw a downfall of cases by at least 30 percent.

The famous Johns Hopkins University, said that over the weekend, the nation reported an average of fewer than 41,000 cases daily, the lowest number of cases since the peaks of Covid-19 since September 2020.

The data collected by the Johns Hopkins University based on the single-day cases reported in seven days stated that the average of new Covid-19 has now come down. The average now stood at 40,800 cases.

During mid-April too, the United States reported as many as nearly 71,000 single-day cases. Weeks from there, the nation had successfully reduced the virus spread, which in turn resulted in a reduction in new cases and fatalities.

The rise in vaccine numbers might be the main reason behind the average of Covid daily infections getting reduced. Over the past week, as many as 2 million vaccinations were carried daily.

As a piece of good news to the United States, the average of Covid-19 has been coming down over the past two weeks which now stood at over 600, reason for this is the rise in vaccine numbers.