Upasana Shares Tips For Being "Happy in Love!"

Fri Feb 14 2020 20:22:04 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Whenever we see a Happily Married Couple, some think they are pretending and some say that it is all just a show.

But some really find a happy place in  relationships to never let it be a burden. They try to set themselves free from aspirations and expectations.

Whenever you see, Ram Charan and his wife, Upasana, they seem like that happy couple who understood how a relationship works for them.

So, Upasana shared a good tip to strengthen your relationship for "being Happy in Love" on this Valentine's Day.

She tweeted,

"Want to strengthen relationships this #ValentinesDay !

Then first Practice SELF LOVE

Only if U love & express gratitude to urself can U give back abundantly & unconditionally

Write a love letter to urself.
Do things that make u happy.
Witness ur whole world change"

Well, when a person who found a way to enjoy marital bliss, it is better to heed to their advice and follow it.