Vamshi Decides to Move On To Charan!

Wed Feb 26 2020 11:50:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

Vamshi Paidipalli waited for Mahesh even after Maharshi success for over an year and now, Mahesh is not keen on going with their project further.

He felt the film writing is weak and it has been over-budgeted too. He did not ask for another version of the script and Vamshi is not  keen too.

While he got depressed and locked himself for a day or two, with the news, he did meet Prabhas and then, Ram Charan for his next with a different script idea, it seems.

As Prabhas is in discussion with three to four young directors, he is keenly asking Ram Charan for time to meet him regularly to share script updates, it seems.

Ram Charan has worked with him for Yevadu and he asked him to come up with a solid script, it seems. He gave him time till August to finalise everything and until then, there will be few discussions between them.

For now, Prabhas is also ready to hear the script but he may not be sure about working with him, immediately as he has multiple plans. Let's wait and see, with whom Vamshi Paidipalli will work next!