Varma Breaks Traffic Rules, Mocks Cops!

Sat Jul 20 2019 17:59:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

Whatever Ram Gopal Varma does is gonna be a sensation why because he thinks and behaves like no one else. He doesn't mind breaking the rules or setting a wrong example even while being the public. The Maverick Filmmaker is behaving in an abnormal manner out of excitement after the success of 'iSmart Shankar' which was directed by his Protege Puri Jagannath.

Today, Varma shared pictures of himself and Two Directors (RX100 fame Ajay Bhupathi, Lakshmi's NTR Co-Director Agasthya) opting for triple riding to reach Sree Ramulu Theatre in Moosapet for watching 'iSmart Shankar' on Saturday. The rider hasn't even wore a helmet on this occasion.

While sharing pictures depicting the violation of traffic rules, RGV mocked the Cops by commenting, 'Where is the Police? I think they are all inside the theatres watching #ismartshankar'.

Varma opined he is appearing like a Pick Pocket Guy in Today's avatar. Sharing a photograph from the Manager's room of the Theatre, The Filmmaker claimed he is going back to watch the next show too.

Netizens have been sharing the triple riding pictures of RGV while tagging the social media handles of Hyderabad City Police. What action would be taken on the offenders?