Varun Tej's Hilarious Punch On Purnanavi

Sun Sep 22 2019 21:21:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

Varun Tej is the celebrity guest for the Sunday's episode of Bigg Boss 3. Mega Prince entertained as Gaddalakonda Ganesh during his brief stay in the house.

Host Nagarjuna has given the task of proposing love to Varun Tej in this episode. Conversations of Varun Tej with Sree Mukhi, Himaja and Punarnavi evoked laughter. Especially, The punch delivered by Mega Hero when Punarnavi expressed her inability to propose is hilarious. Understanding the uneasiness of the Actress, Varun Tej commented: 'Aame Ikkada Cheppalekapotundi Ante Ekkado Cheppindi'.

Shivajyothi asked Varun Tej when would he marry and host a feast to everyone. Then, The Mega Hero assured he would host dinner for all the contestants after the completion of Bigg Boss season 3.

Lastly, Varun Tej was given the opportunity to reveal the name of the contestant who will be eliminated Today. Whether its Himaja or Mahesh Vitta?