Varun Tej gives a peep into mega family's fun moments

Fri Jan 14 2022 11:20:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

Marking the occasion of Makar Sankranthi today, the mega family got together and spent some fun time together as they lit up the traditional Bhogi fire. Varun Tej gave a peep into mega family's Bhogi celebrations.

Varun shared a video of himself, Chiranjeevi, and a few of the mega family members have some fun time. In the video, we see Varun lighting up the Bhogi fire.

We also Chiranjeevi and Varun Tej indulging in a fun banter as they appear to be taking part in some sort of dosa making contest. Chiranjeevi then funnily disrupts Varun Tej's Dosa making attempt.

The video has a fun and heartwarming vibe attached to it. Chiranjeevi's playfulness stands out in the same.

"Dosa making 101 with boss! @chiranjeevikonidela." Varun Tej wrote as he shared the video on his official Instagram account.