Venkatesh Explains Why He Picked Up 'Rana Naidu' Despite Profanity!

Fri Mar 03 2023 17:38:35 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Much-awaited web series 'Rana Naidu' is all set to arrive on Netflix from 10th March. This action-packed series is an Indian adaptation of 'Ray Donovan' and the trailer which came out a few weeks back created a lot of buzz on this intense crime drama. Both Rana and Venkatesh are promoting the series aggressively on social media and they are giving interviews to known media outlets.

As we can see from the trailer, there is a lot of profanity, brutality and boldness in the series. Venkatesh is known for his family movies and when asked about the reason behind picking up such a project, this is what Venky had to say. He told, "The younger generation that might have seen me only in dramas such as Drushyam or the comedies F2 and F3 will be surprised at the character's bold moves. I am glad Rana and Netflix convinced me. If I do not take risks, I would not be challenging myself as an actor. Since I was doing something different, I wanted to jump in and see how it looks. But I asked the directors to tone down some stuff."

Talking about the preparation he went through for 'Naga Naidu' character, the senior hero said, "I worked on my expressions. Naga is unbelievable. For example, there is a scene where his wife opens the door and when you see him looking at her, you do not know what he is thinking and if you can trust him. There are many facets to this guy, from being humble to being messy. Some portions might even make you root for this bad guy."

Talking about his relationship with Rana in the web series, Venkatesh stated, "We do not share a typical father-son relationship in this story wherein I, as a father character, sing songs, raise a child, he gets into trouble and then I have to protect him."