Venkatesh Maha Asks Netizens To Leave Those Directors Alone!

Tue Mar 07 2023 17:40:39 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Young directors need to be very careful when they talk on public platforms. They are entitled to their own opinions but speaking out in public can often land them in trouble. 'C/o Kancherapalem' fame Venkatesh Maha in facing the same situation right now. The director who is just two movies old in the film industry has made some statements against 'KGF' during a director's roundtable and it triggered a lot of people.

They started trolling him and it hasn't stopped even now. But the other directors who are a part of the panel are also being bashed by the people on the internet. While Nandini Reddy and Vivek Athreya apologized if any sentiments were hurt, Venkatesh Maha who actually made the comments released a video where he apologized for the language he used but stated that he will not be taking back his opinion.

He took to Twitter once again and wrote, "Hi everyone! I empathize with the emotion of all the fans in everything that happened over last 24 hours. There's a lot of discussion happened in that panel and the 2 mins you are watching is a clip out of the context. It makes me sad that along with me, my fellow filmmakers in the panel are getting trolled. I don't want any one of them to take a hit for my opinion. They are some of the most respected directors in Telugu film Industry, and I humbly request you all to protect that." Let us see where this controversy ends.