Vice President Certifies Maharshi As Good Movie

Wed May 15 2019 11:53:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

M Venkaiah Naidu doesn't miss watching the new releases of Mahesh Babu irrespective of whether they are hits or flops. In the past, He had openly said Mahesh is the most handsome/good looking actor of Telugu Cinema after NTR.

Upon watching 'Maharshi' along with his Family Members, Vice President opined: 'Maharshi, a film with a rural theme, stresses the necessity of supporting farmers and focussing on farm conservation. It's a motivational film everyone should be watching. This movie presents the greatness of people in the Rural Areas and the importance of agriculture. Congratulations to Mahesh Babu, Vamshi Paidipally and Producers for delivering such a good film'.

In reply, Mahesh Babu tweeted: 'Sir.. This is such an honour for me personally & our whole team... it can't get better than this. Thank you Sir, your words have inspired us to keep doing more films like ''Maharshi''.. on behalf of Team Maharshi... humbled, Sir''

Makers of 'Maharshi' believe word-of-praise from influential personalities like Chiranjeevi and Venkaiah Naidu would fetch better mileage for the landmark film.