Viceroy Video Leak: Is It Varma's Plan?

Fri Mar 15 2019 11:37:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

TDP Leaders have been desperately trying to stall the release of Lakshmi's NTR someway or the other at least till April 11th. This is why a complaint was lodged with Election Commission seeking action against the controversial flick. It is learnt that no action has been taken by EC so far to postpone the release.

Ram Gopal Varma claims he took the subject which was in the public domain and everyone is aware of what has happened in the 90s. He is prepared to move the High Court or Supreme Court if EC takes any decision in favour of the TDP.

Much to the shock of TDP Leadership, A 6-minute Viceroy Episode from Lakshmi's NTR was leaked online and it has gone viral. As per the video clip, NTR, Lakshmi Parvathi and MLAs supporting them reach Viceroy Hotel in Chaitanya Ratham. Security Guards doesn't allow NTR to get into the hotel though he is the CM saying private people aren't permitted. Holding a mike in his hand, NTR begins appealing to the TDP MLAs. On the other hand, Somebody informs Babu about the arrive of NTR. Following which, Chappals will be thrown targeting NTR. Even NTR's Children were in Viceroy Hotel when this incident happened. 'Dagaa...Dagaa' song will be played when NTR was in inconsolable pain.

Analysts suspect that leaking Viceroy Episode could be a strategy of RGV after the complaint given to Election Commission. Was it an indication that nobody can stop Lakshmi's NTR? If TDP stalls the theatrical release, Be prepared to watch this sensational flick on YouTube.