Viral: Vidya Balan's Hilarious Tak-Tuk Video!

Thu Jul 18 2019 20:32:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

Needless to say about the acting abilities of Vidya Balan as she is a proven Actress. When someone like her decides to try a trending thing, It's going to attract the attention of the World and that is what happened now.

'The Dirty Picture' Star shared a Tak Tuk video on her Instagram Handle. She offered 'Sanskari Gyan' by lip-syncing a Man's Voice saying an Unmarried Woman's Body is home to Nine Goddesses and which Goddess gets active post marriage depends on Man's karma. The video was captioned as, 'Some Tak-Tuk Time Passsssssss'.

Not just her Bollywood Colleagues, Vijay Balan left the internet in splits with the hilarious video. This is more like a parody of the trending TikTok Videos and it managed to get over 3.8 lakh views in a short span.