Vijay Devarakonda Says That He Doesn't Need a Purse!

Thu Apr 25 2019 15:42:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Vijay Devarakonda is the newest sensation and he has been making bug progress all over the places. The actor in an interview shared that he can't live without cellphone but can live without money.

He said, ''I normally don't think about money so much. I like to be free of such pressure. For me, money is just a commodity but not the entire thing.

I forgot my wallet twice while traveling and ordered food in the plane. My fans bought me the food for me and I felt really happy.

I feel such blessings and love, is all I ever needed and will need! I will work hard for them than money. My motto in life is to be a free bird and I keep saying, ''I don't care!''

I try and give my best and work hard. But I can't let things bog me down. So, I keep changing my tastes too.

These days, I am interested in Lebanese food more than anything. I am happy to be like that and soon, I will try another new cuisine!''