Vijay Devarakonda Was Right About His Brother!

Tue Jul 16 2019 12:53:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

Vijay Devarakonda openly said that he did not like his brother leaving his job and travelling back to India to join films as an actor.

He did not encourage and stayed away from promotions until the last minute. He said that he liked the movie and hoped it will be a success.

But his first impression that his brother is doing something crazy and not rational, is right. Audiences have rejected Dorasani more than critics predicted.

The movie became a big flop and Shivatmika Rajasekhar could impress but she did not look fit for the role too. Anand on the other hand completely failed to get even fans support.

After the initial trolls, everybody cooled off but the actor got thrashed by critics for lacking any charisma of his own or talent to prove.

If he wants to continue to act, then he might have to go to drama school, learn the craft, open up and then try his luck again. For now, we don't see another producer risking money on him just yet!