Proof: Vijay Deverakonda's Brother Is Poor At It!

Wed Jun 19 2019 21:17:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

Anand Deverakonda and Shivatmika Rajasekhar are making their acting debut with 'Dorasaani'. The Debutantes accepted the #HornOkPlease Challenge of 'Kalki' by jointly performing the signature step.

While dancing for the hook step, Shivatmika has completely overshadowed her Co-Star. Anand Devarakonda hasn't even gave an indication he is at least a decent dancer. May be, It's too early to judge the youngster but he certainly need to improve a lot to match up to the standards set by his elder brother.

On the other hand, Vijay Devarakonda is consciously refraining from promoting his brother as a hero. He have all the time to place posts on Saaho, Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya and Dear Comrade but doesn't even share the trailer of 'Dorasaani' or promotes it in any way. May be, He wants his brother to go through the phase passed by him and come back stronger by learning from the setbacks.