VJY Court's Shocking Verdict @ Multiplexes

Thu Aug 09 2018 17:28:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

In Maharashtra, State Government had taken a decision in favour of the 'My Food - My Movie' Movement. This is a move meant to end the looting of public by levying abnormal prices on the snacks and drinks sold in the multiplexes. Public have been permitted to carry their preferred food bought outside or prepared at home to the theatres in the state.

Telangana's Weights & Measurements Department is holding talks to implement the same rule across the state. At this situation, A Court in Vijayawada delivered a sensational verdict.

Consumers Forum Judge Madhava Rao passed an order levying a fine of Rs 5 lakh on each of the Multiplexes selling drinks & snacks for sky-high prices. Multiplexes were asked to pay Rs 5,000 each for five complainants citing abnormal pricing on the products. An order has been passed for Multiplexes to allow people to bring their choice of food from outside. Officials were given strict instructions to take care of the implementation of the order.