Varma's Credits Puzzle Bollywood Director!

Thu May 28 2020 17:20:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ram Gopal Varma is an eccentric, maverick and crazy director who knows how to create a buzz on his films. Despite giving one flop after the other from the past ten years, this once trendsetting director manages to come up with a new film every couple of months.

His film making style with a low budget and passable quality is what attracts the film producers. At a time when the industry is in complete shout down due to the virus, Ram Gopal Varma went ahead and made a film titled 'Corona Virus'. The trailer was released recently and looking at it, Varma made a film with an absolutely silly point and tried to create buzz around it by taking a dig at KCR and Jagan at the very end of the trailer.

The biggest puzzle that everyone is facing now is, who directed this film? Do you know what was written in the title cards? It says, 'A Ram Gopal Varma Film Of Agasthya Manju Direction'. People are confused whether this film is directed by Varma or Manju. It would be have been clearer if Varma named himself as a producer but he did not do that and opted for this complicated title credit. Even Bollywood director Vikram Aditya Motwani was stunned by this title card and asked people to explain it on social media.

Varma wrote a reply that it was his intention to grab attention and he was successful in doing so. He did not mention the meaning behind this unusual credit but he got the attention and buzz he needed for his film. It looks like his publicity stunt worked out very well.