Virus Scare In Telugu Hero Wedding

Fri Aug 07 2020 20:27:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

One of the Tollywood heroes had entered wedlock at his home last month. After skipping his wedding date from April due to the impact of the coronavirus, somehow, he managed to tie the knot in a close-knit affair at his residence.

Amidst both families and close relatives of the couple, the young actor had tied the knot and started a new phase in his life. Several producers and directors also blessed the bride and groom attending the wedding.

Well, it was a happy story until some people who attended the wedding have now learned that they are contracted with the virus. With this, a wave of fear has started among the others who attended the wedding.

Now, everyone is queuing for their Covid tests to be done. It is heard that people who attended the wedding had neglected the social distancing and this left everyone in a fear of infecting with the deadly virus.