Vishwak Sen Goes Overboard With His Speech!

Mon Feb 24 2020 15:08:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

Young hero Vishwak Sen is coming with a new film titled 'HIT' and its pre-release event was held recently. Known for his rash and reckless statements, this 'Faluknama Das' hero once again is creating fuss on social media due to his speech on Sunday night.

Vishwak went overboard during his speech and asked people not to drink too much water before going to the movie as the audience may not even get a chance to go to the urinals. He said this number of times during the time he had a mic in his hand. While Vishwak may think it as confidence, it definitely came out as overconfidence and people have started trolling him on the internet.

This is not the first time he used some filthy language during the promotions of his last film 'Falaknuma Das' for which he received a lot of criticism. It is high time that this hero starts to control his language during public appearances and learn how to be humble as per some experts. Otherwise, people may remember the proverb, 'Empty Vessels Make More Noise" whenever they think of this hero.