"I will never do commercial movies"

Fri Sep 08 2017 11:11:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Despite their interests, every artist thinks that only commercial movies help in getting to bigger positions. Whether it may be technicians, actors, actresses, directors, everyone thinks that only commercial movies bring fame and money. But young music director Vivek Sagar is showing his complete opposition to the commercial films. He is stating that he will never do such movies. Vivek impressed the audience with his songs and fresh background score in Pelli Choopulu movie. Now he came back with Naga Chaitanya's Yuddam Sharanam.The audio in this film is also different and refreshing.

Speaking about this the music director said " I am saying this clearly. Commercial music won't stay long. As the music should be based on the story, we should not get accustomed to the routine commercial songs. Musicians who produce good quality music only will get recognition soon. I don't know about others. But I don't belong to commercial music. Remuneration is not important to me. I need movies that excite me. After Pelli Choopulu, I signed for four to five movies easily and cashed my name. I still have so much to prove. That's why I want to do movies that have content. I don't want to make music for commercial movies. I believe that 90% of music directors give importance only to commercial music. Only 10% are composing music that suits the story. Even if takes so much of time, I will still give that type of music only."