Was Dil Raju Not 100% Sure About Jaanu?

Mon Feb 10 2020 21:39:06 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

February for Telugu Cinema is like the time when the films that cannot afford to wait till April and cannot find a suitable date in December-January holiday period release.

As few films showed that if a content oriented film releases in February, it can survive freely and become a good profitable venture with Valentine's Day week mood going on in youth and Sivaratri holiday weekend as two sets of advantages playing in favour.

But Dil Raju is doing events for the film and the actors are trying their very best to promote the film, still 96 remake, Jaanu seems to have released during a wrong date.

With Samantha and Sharwanand popularity, movie could have held it's ground during January 26th weekend and during this year's weekend it would have had an advantage of Disco Raja being a flop and AVPL, SLN overflow crowds looking to give Jaanu, a chance.

7th February seems too far off a good date as youth saw 96 on OTT platforms and even USA audiences seems to be preferring original than this Telugu "remake". The response is not at the level that a movie that could get "3 rating" from most of the famous critics and reviewers, would normally receive.

Some trade analysts are saying that Dil Raju just wanted to see how long the Sankranthi steam engines - AVPL & SLN carry on post the two big weekends. As his stakes were high with them, he wanted to give more time for films to recover their money even in worst case scenario and hence, dropped Jaanu, which he seems to be not 100% sure during 7th Feb, date.

Do you agree with their analysis? Did he really see it as a cash grab after a point and made his money and moved on? Your guess is as good as ours!