Video: Watch Gangavva Teaching Priya Varrier Some New Expressions!

Sat Apr 17 2021 17:28:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

As said before, the makers of 'Ishq' starring Teja Sajja and Priya Prakash Varrier in the lead roles are promoting the film in an interesting manner. After releasing the trailer, they came up with a video of Teja Sajja trying to invite a guest for the pre-release event which fails badly. Now, they have come out with another video.

They released a small video showcasing Priya Varrier and the very popular Gangavva together. Gangavva is teaching how to give a new expression to Priya Varrier. As we know, Priya Varrier became a national sensation for her 'Wink' in Oru Adaar Love. Now, we have her learning new kind of expressions from Gangavva.

'Ishq' is a remake of Malayalam film with the same name. It is directed by SS Raju and produced under Super Good Films NV Prasad and Paras Jai. This film is hitting the screens on 23rd April.