We have bought Ramanaidu studio lands for high price that land belongs to Suresh Productions!

Sun Jul 18 2021 14:02:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

Since the past few days, news has been circulated claiming that the Andhra Pradesh government wants to take back the land that was allotted to Ramanaidu Film Studio in Vizag due to some unknown reasons.

Ace producer Suresh Babu has responded to the reports in his recent interview and made his stand clear on the land allotment row.

Senior producer Suresh Babu said the Ramanaidu Studio in the port city Vizag comes under his family purview. It was my father's dream to have a studio in Vizag. We bought the land from the government at a higher cost than the market price, he said.

Saying that they own the land and it's purely their personal issue, Daggubati Suresh Babu said they hold the right to use the piece of land for entertainment purposes or sell it.

Drawing a comparison between Hyderabad studio and Vizag studio, Suresh Babu said land allotment was made for Hyd studio for only studio purposes. Whereas, the land in Vizag was bought for entertainment purposes by paying high prices. In the studio, I am allowed to do film and entertainment related activities. I can build a theme park and hotel. That land belongs to Suresh Productions Pvt Ltd and not to the state government, he said.

However, he also made it clear that he has no issues with the government but everyone thinks he has issues.

Adding further, he said, there are a lot of supporters for CM Jagan in the industry but the supporters were not exposed.We as an industry make sure that industry remains non-political and non-religious, he asserted.