What About Intermissions In Theatres?

Sun May 31 2020 11:00:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

Tollywood's top producer Allu Aravind and a few months have been sincerely trying to restart the proceedings in the film industry. As a part of that, they are making moves to reopen the theatres again as quickly as possible.

Government did not grant the permission to open the theatres again and these producers are trying to do all they can to convince the government. They are saying that enough revenues cannot be generated unless the screens get opened again. But the government posed a question to them for which they have no answer.

While all the buyers, exhibitors and producers are taking measures to maintain gap in between people inside the theatres, the government reportedly asked them about how they would control people in the intermission. That is when the crowd come out in huge numbers at the same time. The food courts and the toilets cannot be controlled and it can lead to a lot of troubles. The industry people should come up with an effective solution for this problem if they want to restart the theatres in no time. Let us wait and see what happens.