What Charan Had But Not Varun?

Mon Dec 10 2018 10:16:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mega Prince Varun Tej enjoys a special craze among all the Mega heroes in the film industry. Just like Mega Star and Mega Powerstar, Varun is also planning his career in a way that he is not restricting himself to do a similar kind of films but experiment with different genres and different characters. Varun implemented this principle to his career from the beginning only and it is helping him a lot as well.

Meanwhile, Naga Babu recently revealed his point of views towards the careers of his children Varun and Niharika. Naga Babu recollected the days of Varun Tej's debut and added that a big production house and a top director were supposed to launch him. "We planned his launch with Ashwini Dutt and Krish was supposed to direct the movie which did not happen. I am not regretting of it but I am talking reality that Varun had limited options than because he is Mega Star Brother's son but not Mega Star's son. I am thankful to Srikanth Addala, Nallamalapu Bujji and Tagore Madhu for launching Varun with Mukunda." said Naga Babu.

Talking about his involvement in Varun's career, Naga Babu cleared the air saying that Varun takes his decisions on his own and does not let him put the finger in his work or the scripts.

Also adding his view on the remunerations, Naga Babu said that Varun is earning crores now and crossed him in the earnings. Naga Babu said that he takes care of all the expenses and manages his accounts. On a funny note, he said that he gives pocket money to Varun. When asked about Niharika's career progress, Naga Babu said that she is still trying to get hold of it in the industry and commented that she earns less than him!