What Happened Between Naga Shaurya And Bheeshma Director?

Tue Feb 04 2020 09:53:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Naga Shaurya did come out blasting some of the actors he worked with like Sai Pallavi and shared some very harsh opinions on several methods used by few others as well.

He made comments like 100 crores is not big achievement and even sounded a little bit too restless when he had to talk about any other film, in interviews, other than with whom he is friendly.

Recently, during Aswatthama release, he opened up and said that he loathes knowing a person like Venky Kudumula, who made Chalo with him and now, is directing Bheeshma.

The actor said that Venky 'travelled' with him for 4 years before Chalo happened and he called the man back when he gave up on the dream. He also said that they produced Chalo, because they couldn't find a producer to launch Venky as a director.

He also shared that he wrote the story of Chalo as he did not like Venky's story and after making a successful film, the director did not stay in touch and even exchanged the gift, a car, without telling them.

He said that he doesn't know why would someone 'cut off ties' like that but he will never welcome the director back into his life. Well, Venky is awaiting for the release and result of Bheeshma, releasing on 21st February, to think about his next film.