What Is Bunny Doing At Annapurna Studios?

Tue Aug 02 2022 17:21:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Telugu Film Chamber and Producers' Guild officially announced that the shootings will be stopped immediately a few days back. They did not reveal when they would call off this Bandh but we got the news that big producers like Dil Raju are continuing film shootings. As we know, the shooting of 'Varasudu' is going on in Vizag and Dil Raju reportedly said it is a Tamil film that will be dubbed in Telugu and this is why it cannot be stopped.

While this created a huge stir in the industry circles, Icon Staar Allu Arjun's all-black Range Rover was found outside Annapurna Studios recently. His staff was also present at the location and everyone wondered why. Looking at the situation in the 7 acres of Annapurna Studios, it is quite evident that Bunny is participating in the shooting.

But it is not for a movie but an ad shoot. This TV commercial directed by Harish Shankar was shot in Bangkok too and they are shooting the remaining portion in Hyderabad. People are questioning why the crew members were allowed to shoot while a Bandh was going on. Similar to what Dil Raju said, they are claiming that the decision which was taken to stop movie shootings will not be applicable to TV commercial production.

Industry bigwigs are claiming that other films may also find one or the other excuse in order to resume their shootings if things like these are permitted. We need to wait and see what decision the Film Chamber takes for ad shootings and filming of other regional movies.