What Is The Story Behind Tuck Jagadish's Amazon Prime Deal?

Thu Aug 19 2021 15:46:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nani's Tuck Jagadish is the latest Telugu film to skip theatrical release and premiere directly on Amazon Prime Video. Yesterday, Nani shared a thoughtful note on the direct to digital release of Tuck Jagadish. "I am quite torn between the pressures the producers are facing in these uncertain times with big stakes at risk and the fan boy of theatres in me, who wants to watch the film with all of you first day – first show,” Nani said, while adding that Tuck Jagadish was meant for a big-screen experience.With the unpredictable conditions here and abroad and the unfortunate restrictions on theatres in Andhra, it has become a conflict of many ways. I. have the utmost respect for the producers and I believe any call regarding the film they make, should be theirs. So here I am, at cross roads for the second time! Leaving the decision about Tuck Jagadish to SHINE SCREENS and all stake holders and will humbly accept their final decision. No matter what, I will do my ,100% till it reaches all of you in whatever way," Nani wrote yesterday.

Tuck Jagadish is all set for Amazon Prime Video premieres on 10th September. Apparently, the makers had a struck a deal with Amazon Prime around two months ago. Even after closing the deal with Amazon Prime, the producers kept details about the same under the wraps for reasons best known to them.

Nani, who always bats for theatrical releases hoped Tuck Jagadish would make it to theatres soon after favourable conditions emerge. But that wasn't to be. The makers has locked the OTT deal with Amazon Prime Video already and there simply was no looking back ever after. Nani then had no other option but to act in the best interests of his producers.

The makers of Tuck Jagadish reportedly made Rs 37 crores by selling the direct to digital rights of the film. They recovered all of their investment and even made sizeable profits through the deal. They are happy with the financial prospects of the film. Amazon Prime will be officially announcing Tuck Jagadish's release date in a couple of days from now.