Where Was Mahesh On Polling Day?

Sat Apr 13 2019 16:03:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mahesh Babu was found nowhere on the polling day (April 11th) in Telangana. Media would have offered extensive coverage had if he visited any of the polling booths in the state. Not even a single picture of Superstar at the polling station appeared so far.

Where was Mahesh Babu on the Polling Day? He might be pre-occupied by the post-production work of his landmark flick 'Maharshi' but that can't be an excuse for skipping the voting.

Some say, Mahesh Babu isn't even in Hyderabad on April 11th to cast his vote.

Netizens question whether if its difficult for someone like Mahesh Babu to come back to city on the polling day and fly back to his work place. Can't he afford a private jet?

Whether if Mahesh had really skipped the voting or Media missed him completely remains to be a big mystery for now. Let's only hope he have a strong reason to defend himself if he didn't vote...!