Who Will Win Sankranthi This 2019?

Sat Dec 15 2018 16:48:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is just down to less than 28 days for Sankranthi festival to start in Telugu states in January, 2019.  While Telugu market is looking at Christmas to fetch good collections for Padi Padi Leche Manasu and Anthariksham, they started looking at Sankranthi films too.

As per the trade talk, NTR and Vinaya Vidheya Rama are expected to collect big during the season than F2.

Trade people are estimating Vinaya Vidheya Rama to outshine NTR as Ram Charan and Boyapati Srinu have been the latest box office sensations.

NTR movie is expected to pull in the nostalgic and movie fascinated crowds along with youngsters who want to know about the legendary actor and politician.

But the problem that trade observes is that Balakrishna can perform a little differently to norms and can he land NTR character perfectly is a big question mark?!

They think his looks are perfectly balanced but all they worry about his dialogue delivery and recent controversies that made him look like a comedian in audience eyes.

But they are confident that if Balakrishna impresses the young crowd movie will be a historical success. VVR has positive buzz going on.

F2, with Venky and Varun in comic roles got the buzz going with teaser and trade is looking at the movie differently now. They have good expectations for it sustain at the box office but hope that one of the two more hyped up films won't cannabilise it.