Why Did Venkatesh Take Up This Role?

Sat Mar 11 2023 19:11:18 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

'Rana Naidu' is one web series for which a lot of Venkatesh fans waited eagerly for. The series has finally arrived on Netflix and it is getting mixed responses all over. While this show is getting ready and during the promotions, the heroes and makers have warned the audience not to watch it with families. People who did not understand why they said that have understood immediately in the first ten minutes.

Keeping the family audience who immensely like Venkatesh aside, even the youth who admire him will find it hard to digest this series. There is a lot of vulgarity in the dialogues and scenes of this series. If you want to be sugarcoated, one can say that this series is filled with foul language and highly bold scenes. There will not be any censorship for web series which makes it easy for the directors to inject natural dialogues without using any filters.

While this can be used for bringing out the necessary emotion, stuffing the series with unnecessary profanity and sex scenes is not at all acceptable. You get a feeling that these scenes are done without any purpose.

Especially, it is safe to speak as less as possible about Venkatesh's Naga Naidu character. You get a feeling that the makers wanted to damage his image and hurt his fans. He is portraying a role that is over 60 years old but the dialogues he mouthed are below the belt at all times. His expressions at times were way too suggestive and these scenes which trouble the viewers are in abundance. His character is very silly throughout the series and it is tough for his fans to digest some of the sequences he did. The one question which everyone wanted to ask Venkatesh is, Why did he pick this series for his OTT debut instead of something along the lines of 'Family Man'?