Why Did Vijay Devarakonda Take Such a Decision?

Tue Aug 27 2019 12:33:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

Vijay Devarakonda became a star with Arjun Reddy and Geetha Govindam consolidated his position. Dear Comrade, his latest release showed that he can bring audiences to theatres but later on to continue with more and more coming to the theatres, he needs a good script.

He and Rashmika Mandanna became a hit pair with Geetha Govindam and Dear Comrade tried to use that to its advantage.

It is Vijay who proposed her name to the team and after listening to the story from him, she decided to meet with director Bharat Kamma and ask for complete script.

Fans have been hearing about rumours going around about them. There are dating rumours, friends with benefits rumours and lot more.

But Rashmika gave clarity to a fan who posed similar question to her and she wrote,

''Sorry to disappoint you my love but we have a lot more work to do than just sit and date each other. We show love and respect through work. Also, I have irritated him enough that he doesn't want to sign any more films with me for the next 2 years at least.''

Well, Vijay wants to break the mould or is he seriously considering not acting with Rashmika Mandanna again for 2 years? What could be the reason? We too don't really know.