Why Is "Amma" Biopic More In Demand Than NTR?

Sun Sep 08 2019 13:00:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

We could witness Tamil filmmakers announcing multiple films on Amma Jayalalitha's life after an year of her death. Now, three of them are getting ready.

First one has Ramyakrishnan playing Jayalalitha's role in a web series directed by Gautham Menon. This is called Queen.

In the direction of Priyadarshan, Nitya Menen is going to act in a movie with titles, Amma or Jaya, in consideration.

Third one is Pan-Indian film with Kangana Ranaut as lead in the direction of A.L. Vijay. In fact all three films will be released in multiple languages.

While who will perform the best is a pertinent question, for which we have to wait for 2020, to see all three and decide, Telugu people would be wondering why not so much demand for NTR's biopic?

NTR came from a humble background and gained riches as an actor star. Once he saw success, his career did not see any major slide into abyss and even his political life became more controversial towards the end of his life.

If during 1997 or 98, someone thought of making biopics on NTR, surely there would have been peak in the Interest. But with media outlets repeatedly giving different perspectives to what happened in 95-96, after 23 years, no one had much interest in knowing history behind party internal fight that resulted in huge uproar.

To be fair, Nandamuri Balakrishna couldn't really get the interest of audiences to peak due to his own irregular behaviour in the media and in public.

Always, a female character dictating terms to males and growing from being an eye-candy in films to becoming "AMMA" for Tamil people, will have more dramatic value than a male actor doing 300 films and then becoming Chief Minister in 6 hours film.

Now, we have to wait and see, if Ramyakrishnan's ability wins over Nitya Menen's pretty close to real life look and Kangana's capabilities or if Kangana can again pull off a National Award winning performance or if Nitya gets her due accolades with "AMMA"!?