Why Is Nagarjuna Silent Now?

Sun Feb 10 2019 12:24:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nagarjuna is one of the most outspoken supporters of YSR, when he is alive and he did act in Government ads, during the time.

He approached YSR to get permission for expanding Annapurna 7 acres and Annapurna Studios. And also he asked for lease agreement extension and got a permission to build multiplex in the area, as well.

YSR did not care the allegations that he is going against law to give him those permissions and he did move friendly with Jagan, as well.

But after the death of YSR, he seems to have taken liking to KCR, KTR, as TRS came to government in Telangana.

YSRCP fans want Nag now to at least tweet about the movie, Yatra, keeping all his indifferent nature to politics away.

They want him to show gratitude by at least asking his fans to watch Yatra even though he doesn't want to endorse the movie.

His silence is breaking their hearts and are asking him to do the right thing. We have to wait and see, how Nag will reply to this.