Why Is Telugu Cinema Facing Low Buzz Issue?

Sat Sep 14 2019 16:04:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

These days, we see many films flocking to theatres with a grand plan of scoring a success on the Friday. But most of them fail.

From starting days of Telugu Cinema Industry, the success percentage has been at best 20-25%. But loss percentage from a release would be a minimal 15-20%. Not many films from established heroes or young heroes, faced complete rejection, that is, film loosing 80% above of its expenditure.

Kadeddulu Ekaram Nela from Legendary actor NTR, used to be said the biggest disaster in the actor's career until his last film, Ashoka released. KEN, did not even make it to the first shows on release day.

Such kind of flops are common to every actor and star but these days, success percentage is mere 5-8% and loss percentage of a film has gone up to 75%.

No producer is making handsome profits from theatrical Business and even hit films are ending up as losses in one or two areas. Overseas market which for 5 years, became the best avenue for profits, ended as golden goose story for TFI.

Producers have almost killed their golden goose by introducing high premiere ticket rates and selling their films to overseas distributors to unrecoverable prices. Bharat Ane Nenu and Maharshi, couldn't recover total costs even though they are hits.

This Friday, Nani's Gangleader failed to open to 90% full houses which is a worrying sign when you have a dependable star actor teaming up with known director.

The problem lies in promotions of a film. Producers under the influence of financiers and other people around them are unable to give PROs good suggestions or enough money to really boost, the film in media, social media.

Even the trailers, teasers are not making it sure that good number of crowds will occupy theatres during weekend, at least. Creative ways to promote a film have deserted so much that everyone is following one set pattern - release singles, release promos on YouTube, give interviews one week before release and two days before the D-day, conduct pre-release event.

The activities like keeping a song in viewers minds for weeks and growing anticipation on a project have died down completely. If trailer goes viral, a song goes viral then you film will have the buzz otherwise nothing.

Artificial boosts are said to be employed by some movies to show that they have the buzz, but reality is fully known on the day of release. The only solution to this problem - Getting Creative when things are expensive!