Why Is This Hero Ignoring His Own Film?

Thu Jan 13 2022 19:49:19 GMT+0530 (IST)

Film industry is a very strange one at times. You work on a movie for months or years strenuously but ignore it during the time of promotions at times. This does not happen usually but definitely happens sometimes and the reason behind such incidents is mostly unknown. Here is the latest example for it.

He is an upcoming hero from a highly influential family in Tollywood. His first film was a failure and his second film is getting ready to hit the screens this weekend. Usually, young and rising heroes promote their films rigorously and even take the help of other star heroes in their families if needed. But the hero himself is not interested in promoting this film.

It is getting released without any noise and people are wondering why the hero is showing no interest in advertising his own film. Also, he is focusing more on his third film for which the release date is yet to be announced. Insiders say that the hero might be disappointed with the outcome of the film which is why he wanted to move on quickly. Nonetheless, we will get to know about why this hero from a big family is ignoring his own film when it comes out this weekend.