Why Starry Tantrums Against Websites?

Wed May 06 2020 09:41:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

Strange are the ways of the film industry. They need websites and Youtube channels for their film promotions. They troop in with their teams for pre-release promotions of their films. They are humility personified when they need support. But, they always expect that the web media writes only glowing accounts of even failed films. They only want eulogies for even those things that they do not do. When websites and Youtube channels show that they have a mind of their own, they aren't happy. Especially, the big guns of the industry do not want anyone to question them, let alone criticising them. The same abominable trend is all too visible in the Telugu industry these days.

The film industry's nubile heroines and macho heroes always talk of spreading positivity. This, for them, is nothing but writing glowing eulogies and singing of paeons to the heroes, directors, heroines and producers. They seem to have a very lopsided opinion that the websites are raking in lots of moolah. But, they do not seem to realise that the websites need huge staff to dish out content. They also need to spend on maintaining servers. Even in times of Corona, the websites are not laying off their staff. Despite the problems due to the lockdown, the websites are giving updated information on various issues to the public. So, why criticise the social media?

How many of these heroes give full-time jobs. They employ people on need basis and throw them out when not needed. By the way, isn't it a fact that most of the PROs, who toil hard to promote the heroes, are paid pittance? These heroes are accusing a website of demanding money from them. Let them name the media house and shame it. Let them not blame every social media organisation.

More importantly, these big names in the industry should know that they cannot banish everyone who criticises them. They simply cannot do this because their work involves people and needs their support. Can they banish or block all those slamming them in social media accounts in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? If they start blocking every critic, what will they end up with?

Some worthies are even suggesting that the film stars should set up websites. Let them do it and give five star ratings to rejected films. Let them start blocking news of film celebrities getting arrested in drunken drive cases. Let them try to dole out content that praises even the abominable acts and justifies them shamelessly. This F2 style comedies do not work.  Let them realise this.

News can't always be positive. Criticism should be taken in the right spirit and they could actually be giving the much-needed feedback to those living in ivory towers.  The stars and the celebrities should very well know that the publicity given by the websites has played a key part in their career growth. It is the websites that hyped up their personae and made them celebrities. We rest our case and we leave it to their wisdom.