Why Too Much of Hero Worship is Wrong?

Tue May 10 2022 12:18:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

Due to many reasons, the film industry has been a male-dominated one since its inception. Audiences and movie lovers love heroes more than heroines. As the generations have passed, the admiration for the male stares has evolved into fanism and people go crazy for their fans. Compared to the northern belt, hero worship is evident in the south.

People here go crazy for their matinee idols and they celebrate the arrival of the film as a festival or carnival by breaking coconuts and giving harathi to the cutouts of the stars. We have earlier heard that fans of two massive stars in Telugu fought each other and a fan of the star was killed.

Despite all this, the hero worship is getting bigger and bigger. As an example of this, a fan of Young Rebel Star Prabhas had written a letter to the makers of Salaar demanding an update from them. In his letter, the fan said that it has been a few months since the film was announced, but there was no update from the makers.

The fan expressed his dissatisfaction over the delay in releasing updates from the film. We, fans have made multiple requests for the makers to release the updates. But there is no update and we are fed up with this. If we don't get any update this month, then I will die by suicide, the fan said in his suicide letter.

This is a serious issue that has to be addressed at the earliest. Loving a star is not bad and loving them without any boundaries is not good for the stars and the fans as well. End of the day, the fans will face the heat of such decisions as it is his/her family that will have to digest the life lost.

Recently, we heard a story that, a fan of Prabhas could not digest the failure of Radhe Shyam and he took the extreme step and ended his life. His family members cried their hearts out hearing the news. Heroes will not come to take care of the families who lost their loved ones due to high fanism.