Motion Poster: 'Wild Vs Thalaiva' ft Bear Grylls

Thu Feb 20 2020 11:43:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

Discovery channel's most popular show, 'Man Vs Wild' and its host Bear Grylls are trying to capture the attention of the Indian audience these days. This program focuses on the wildlife and how to survive there with the bare minimum we've got. It underlyingly showcases the true value and beauty of our mother nature. Bear Grylls who recently did an episode with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now coming back again with Thalaivar Rajnikanth.

The superstar along with Bear Grylls paid a visit to Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Karnataka a few weeks back. Bear Grylls posted a special motion poster that has himself and Rajni sitting on the bonnet of the jeep. He wrote, "Preparing for
@Rajinikanth's blockbuster TV debut with an Into The Wild with Bear Grylls motion poster! I have worked with many stars around the world but this one for me was special. Love India. #ThalaivaOnDiscovery".

Speaking about Rajnikanth, Grylls said, "@rajinikanth has always been a star with swagger! But in the wild everything is different... It was so fun to spend time with the legend and get to know and see him in a totally new way..."