Will 'HIT 2' Ending Benefit 'HIT' Universe Or Not?

Mon Dec 05 2022 12:27:16 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Young and rising filmmakers are coming up with the idea of developing a movie universe. We have seen Lokesh Kanagaraj building his own universe with characters like Vikram, Rolex, Dilli and others. Prasanth Varma is also planning a superhero universe and 'Hanu-Man' is the first among them. Similarly, Sailesh Kolanu has come up with 'HIT' universe.

The 'HIT' movies revolve around a serious case and its investigation without beating around the bush. They are gripping investigation dramas with crisp runtime and a lot of detailing. While the novelty worked well from the first film starring Vishwak Sen, it is the superb form of Adivi Sesh that played a key role in the success of 'HIT 2'. Also, the two young actors suited perfectly for the tough and serious police officer roles.

At the end of 'HIT 2', the team revealed that Nani who is the producer for this franchise will be playing the lead in the third part. The Natural Star will be seen playing the role of Vikram Sarkar who is reportedly a very ruthless police officer. 'HIT 3' is going to be made on a bigger scale as per reports and Nani's character was revealed as the man who believes that catching one criminal is more important than sparing a hundred innocent people.

The makers even tried to showcase his ruthlessness at the end but there is a lot of doubt whether Nani could pull off the police role or not. Nani is always known for his guy-next-door roles and movies that require emotional performances. Action movies did not work for Nani till date whether it is 'Jenda Pai Kapiraju' or 'Paisa' or 'Krishna Arjuna Yuddham' or 'V'. Nani's films failed every time he tried to pull of the regular commercial action hero act. Buzz in the Film Nagar is that Nani's entrance made the end of 'HIT 2' quite dull as it brought down the high feeling audience had till then. We need to wait and see if Nani surprises everyone or not.

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