Will Nag give clarity to exhibitors?

Fri Jan 07 2022 12:53:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

Film ticket pricing issue has been going on in state of Andhra Pradesh since last April. During the release of Vakeel Saab, YCP Government in Andhra Pradesh state decided to revise the ticket prices in theatres and released new rates.

Ever since their annoucement of revision in rates, exhibitors and distributors have been expressing their dissatisfaction on the rates decided by the government. In December, V EPIC kind of a screen in Nellore had to be closed.

Pawan Kalyan, Nani, Nikhil spoke out against the rates and asked the government to revise the rates and increase them as well. But Nagarjuna at Bangarraju press interaction, commented that the rates won't affect his film and he will not comment on politics at a film event.

Pawan Kalyan fans started trolling him for his comments on social media and in general many are upset with his take on the issue as well. Exhibitors from East Godavari district have decided to come out and express their dissatisfaction by closing the theatres from next week.

Bangarraju is releasing for 14th of January during Sankranti season. Hence, this move will cost the movie and good chunk of market too. Even though Nag meant that he doesn't want to create controversy and he priced his movie according to the prices, his words have gone into the public in a different manner.

So, will he issue clarity on his statements? Will he try to calm down everyone around him and give his true feelings behind the ticket pricing issue? Because no producer would like to earn less than the potential.