Will 'Pushpa' Team Get Past This Hurdle Now?

Fri Jun 04 2021 18:29:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

'Pushpa' is a very special film not just because of its content but it also brings back the much-loved 'Arya' combination back again. Stylish star Allu Arjun, star director Sukumar and Rockstar Sukumar teamed up for the third time which brought a lot of excitement among the fans and neutral audience.

DSP the music composer for all Sukumar's movies and he gave music for a lot of Allu Arjun's films but all three of them united only twice. 'Arya' which came out in 2004 was a sensation and turned all three of them into huge stars. The became a blockbuster and people watch it even now. Songs of 'Arya' are still on the playlists of many music lovers.

They came together for 'Arya 2' in 2009. Despite getting a lot of positive responses but the film failed at the box office due to various reasons. The film has a separate fanbase and many watch the film whenever it comes on television. The songs are a huge sensation that gets played everywhere even today.

Now 'Pushpa' is being made into two parts. The first part will be released by the end of this year while the second part is expected to come out in 2022. Considering the track record, a lot of people are worrying about 'Pushpa-2'. We need to wait and see this Sukku-Bunny-DSP trio pass this hurdle or not.