Will RGV's Attempt Backfire This Time?

Tue Aug 04 2020 14:15:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

Eccentric director Ram Gopal Varma knows how to make use of media and gain free publicity. These days he is making films on either sensitive or controversial subjects and getting the required attention. Despite knowing his intentions, the audience cannot help themselves. After 'Power Star' and 'Murder', he announced a film titled 'Allu'. Now, he said that he will be making a film on popular news presenter Arnab Goswami of the Republic channel.

RGV called Arnab as the 'news prostitute' which is raising a lot of eyebrows. But RGV's film on this loud anchor may backfire according to some experts. Much like RGV, Arnab is a personality who knows how to create a sensation and make full use of its controversy.

What really works for Arnab this time is that the sentiment of people is on his side as people really want to know what happened with Sushant Singh Rajput. They are completely invested in the coverage Arnab is doing.

Varma making a film to mock Arnab Goswami at this juncture of time may completely backfire. Unlike 'Powerstar' and 'Allu' where some supports are behind RGV, people are behind Arnab this time. Let us wait and see if RGV goes on with 'Arnab-The News Prostitute' or shelve it.