Will Rajamouli Ever Go To Hollywood?

Sat Dec 03 2022 12:15:59 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

After 'Baahubali', Rajamouli's craze touched the sky and 'RRR' took it to a whole new level. Now, he has the craze and potential to the director a Hollywood film. Compared to us, they are far superior when it comes to making techniques and standards. But Rajamouli is getting plaudits that he is the only Indian director that can match the English flicks with his brilliant storytelling abilities. Everyone is praising Rajamouli for his flawless track record.

As it was released on Netflix, the movie became instantly popular in the international market too. Rajamouli recently released the foreign version's release date and raised a lot of doubts regarding his future. The idea of a tie-up between Hollywood and Tollywood has sprung up in Rajamouli's mind according to sources and this is leading to a huge debate. Recently, Rajamouli spoke about the offers he is getting from Hollywood makes. He even dropped a hint regarding directing Marvel type of superhero films. There is a talk that Rajamouli recently met Marvel boss Kevin. As we know, the 'Eega' director is busily promoting his 'RRR' on the international stage.

Prior to the UK's BAFTA nominations, he took part in the first round of promotions. When asked about being ready for Hollywood films, he cleverly said, "I am getting a lot of inquiries from Hollywood but I am committed to superstar Mahesh Babu's project. He is a big start in Telugu and I am focusing on that." But he made it clear that he wants to learn a lot from Hollywood and its technical expertise. He stated that there is a lot to learn and get experience from.