Will Sukumar Grace Maharshi's Event?

Thu Apr 25 2019 15:49:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

This question has been eating up many in TFI circles as the gossip really gets them going.

Sukumar worked on a script for one year but Mahesh did not like it. He gave him three months time and in the meantime wanted to start and finish off a simple, fun movie quickly.

He asked F2 director, Anil Ravipudi to come up with such a script for him and also asked him to finish movie in short period.

But Sukumar found it disrespecting his efforts and announced his next with Allu Arjun. Mahesh cancelled their project and wished him luck.

After all this storm, Sukumar did meet Mahesh on the sets of Maharshi in Chennai and they seemed to have buried the hatchet.

But the people who know Sukumar say that the director is still not completely pleased with what all happened. So, will he publicly attend Mahesh's event on 1st May to promote Maharshi as one of the directors of his other 24 films?

Yes, Dil Raju and team planned to invite all the directors how many ever they can to the event to make it a special one for fans and the star.

Let's wait and see, if Sukumar will show up at the event? The director is also a friend of Dil Raju and he may come as his invitee and not as Nenokkadine director.